Why 4 Star Realty?

Your goal is to sell your home. Selling it for too little causes you to lose well earned equity. Asking too much turns buyers away and wastes precious time while qualified buyers are looking elsewhere. After all, the final selling price is what buyers are willing to pay.

So why 4 Star Realty? I have a background in appraising real property, and I have the training to accurately ascertain your property's value. Banks use appraisers to determine how much money they will lend on a specific property which ultimately determines the amount of qualified buyers for your home.

When looking to purchase a home why go through the hassle of driving around to different real estate offices to find the house you're looking for or to pour over countless magazines to find your dream house or property. Because of the changing technologies and the time constraints put on all of us, 4 Star Realty will show you how to find and purchase your property without wasting your time. Be sure to ask me about Private Client Services.

By having the Multiple Listing Service on my web site you can browse at your leisure and find something you like. Then contact me for more information, and photos, along with area information. When you decide to view a property you will have seen everything from front to back, top to bottom, and inside and out in the comfort of your home. 4 Star Realty will make every effort to give you a clear picture of any property you're interested in, so when you see it for yourself it will be a true image of the portrait that was presented.

Once you have decided to buy or sell, 4 Star Realty will be with you every step of the way, up to, and after the closing. With 4 Star Realty I can save you time and the hassle of searching for your new property and when selling your property I can use my Northwoods experience to effectively help you set an accurate price which reflects the aesthetic value of your property.